Infrequently Asked Questions

What is your favorite brand of potato chip?

The Utz 'Crab Chip' which isn't that easy to find in New England. I always make sure to pick up several bags whenever I'm in the Washington, D.C. or Baltimore area.

What is the best romantic comedy men can watch and enjoy just as much as their spouses?

If your spouse is in a romantic comedy mood, it can be difficult to select a film that isn't too cheesy or stupid. There are not many to choose from, but 'The Holiday' with Jack Black and Kate Winslet is very good. 'Notting Hill' is pretty funny and you can spot a veteran actor from HBO's 'The Wire' as you watch it. 'Something's Gotta Give' with Jack Nicholson and 'It's Complicated' with Alec Baldwin are also good.

Do you think 'Arrested Development' is the best sitcom ever made?

I do. I own all three seasons. It still annoys me to this day that it went off the air. It was a smart show and there are so many laughs in it that you can watch it again and again. I dream of a day when the public will kick the Kardashians off the air and demand the return of the Bluth family.

What is the rudest thing you have ever seen happen on an airplane?

On a flight into New York from London, I was sitting in an aisle seat and the guy across the aisle from me cracked open a can of tuna and started eating it. The smell of the tuna was what alertted me to what he was doing. That was rude enough, but the can was sitting on his knee while he was reading a magazine and I thought 'this thing is going to spill any minute.' It did, and bits of tuna landed all over the floor and his leather suitcase. And, with his fingers, he picked up each little bit of tuna that landed on his briefcase and ate them just like he was taking M&M's out of a jar. If I had taken a cell phone video of it, I'd have gotten a zillion hits.

Who is the most attractive Food Network/Cooking Channel chef?

Nigella LawsonMy vegetarian wife once dared me to go vegetarian for a week, and by the sixth day I was having visions of Nigella making me a roast chicken while wearing Lady Gaga's meat dress.

You've ridden all around the world on numerous surfaces. Why do you repeatedly call cobblestones your 'personal nemesis' or 'your old nemesis?'

That's personal. I decline to answer. This interview is over. Thank you.