Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

I wanted to take a few minutes away from asking Connecticut commuters to take the Bike Walk Connecticut pledge to ride to work on May 16 and wish my mother a Happy Mother's Day.

I also need to apologize to my mother, for the Mother's Day card I sent in the mail on Thursday failed to arrive on Saturday. The consequences of the sequester cuts and closed post office branches seemed to have hit Stamford especially hard. I also don't have the uncanny ability to do a Vulcan Mind Meld with the U.S. Postal service to get a card to arrive the exact day of the event - a skill my mom and my 93-year-old grandmother both possess.

Mom, if you're reading this, you'd have liked to have opened the card I sent. It was designed by my wife and I wrote something along the lines of me wishing you were enjoying your passions of writing, being outside and enjoying Breaking Bad (a show I still cannot believe I got you hooked on).

I did forget to thank you for curating my selection of toys when I was growing up. You never allowed me to play with toy guns (at least ones bigger than anything my Han Solo action figure could hold) and you taught me to appreciate quality rather than quantity. It is in that spirit, when I went with you to the little antique shop opposite the Mystic Cycle Center a little while back, I bought the toy in this photo, and this morning as I was trying to come up with one more thing to feed the Social Media Beast, I came across this toy and thought of you.

So whatever you do on this beautiful Connecticut day, please do whatever you love. You earned it - especially for giving birth to me and all that. The card I sent will almost surely be brightening your mailbox tomorrow. Since this is a personal message to my mother and not a traditional post, I shall not end with 'Thanks for reading and thanks for riding.'

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