Friday, August 7, 2015

What Do Bike Lanes Do To Car Traffic?

Here are three things I know to be true:

1) I’ll miss Jon Stewart terribly and liked the Daily Show finale last night, but it would have been better if it closed with him and all the correspondents each riding a CitiBike to New Jersey.

2) I deeply enjoyed the alfajore cookies from Lorca someone sent me from Stamford this week - you know how to bring me a smile and mitigate homesickness.

Please watch and share the video below which addresses the third thing on my list.  It’s a message that needs to get across and reach every obsessed Car Culture 2.0 motorist, every political leader and every Angry Finger Wagging Town Hall Guy. 

And it especially needs to come across in Menlo Park, where folks are seriously thinking about adding a third car lane to El Camino Real. If you live there the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition has helpfully provided a link to make it easy to tell Menlo Park to do right by El Camino Real and make it safe for all commuters. 

Thanks for watching and thanks for riding. 

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