Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Resolution: Fear Less

Happy New Year from California. This is my first New Year's Eve on the West Coast - and I was looking forward to watching the ball drop at 9:00pm and going straight to bed until my wife told me I couldn't.

Still, I am having a nice evening. As a bike blogger I am obligated to present a list of resolutions but instead I'll present just one.

Maybe two.

Other than 'drive less and bike more' I will simply say this: in 2016, fear less. Don't be 'fearless' since that can lead to the emergency room...just fear less. A year ago today I was afraid of 2015. I knew I was moving, I knew I needed to sell my house and shop for another in California. I knew I'd have to say bye to my family. But it occurs to me that I have a lot less to fear in 2016. So I will fear less. Hope you do too. Thanks for reason, thanks for riding, and happy new year.

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