Saturday, January 30, 2016

Let's Have Bike Parking at #SB50

So Super Bohl 50 is taking place a week from tomorrow at Levi Stadium here in Silicon Valley. Traffic is expected to be upgraded from 'everyday awfulness' to 'spectacularly dismal.' 

With that in mind you’d think the hosting committee would want as many bicycle and pedestrian options to get to the game as possible. 

The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, like myself, is not only appalled that biking directions to get to The BIG game are nonexistent, but valet bike parking won’t be available (SVBC provides valet bike parking for free at a lot of events in the Bay Area - not just their own). 

Of course, the hosting committee could have very good reasons for snubbing bicycle users. A bicycle may take a lot more time for a bomb-sniffing dog to search than a 2004 GMC Yukon. Also, if there are shenanigans and baddies need to make a getaway, bumper-to-bumper traffic will make a quick escape a lot harder.

But if you disagree with this reasoning - and you don't want to beat the traffic by leaving for Levi Stadium this afternoon, please sign the SVBC petition to allow bike valet at the BIG game. They are going to deliver the signed petition to the hosting committee on Feb. 4th so please do it now. and forward the link to your cycling brothers and sisters.

And if the Super Bohl hosting committee is reading this I’d like to make an amendment to the SVBC petition - which I already signed: If you don’t welcome bicycles at the BIG game, I won’t watch the BIG game. 

Here's the SVBC petition link:

P.S. : there's still time to sign up for Park Tool School that begins Feb. 9th at Good Karma Bikes, so if you need that link it's right hereThanks for reading and thanks for riding. 

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