Friday, November 11, 2011

Domus Bike Drive Update (or: yes, the trailer worked)

Just now I was able to deliver three bikes in only two trips to Domus for their used bike drive, which is going on today until 3:30 this afternoon. You can park your bike trailer (or car, if you prefer) on Frank Street near the entrance to the Trafigura Work & Learn Business Center, where you can bring the bikes in (and possibly meet some of the students who will ultimately work on them).

Now, the trailer.

I admit it wasn't the easiest mile and a half I've ever pedaled. I got the Big Fuji there first and I was feeling so confident I figured out how to get the Hurricane Irene bike and a Trek dirt bike to stay on the trailer at the same time. I did get some curious looks on both trips (I only wish I had time to make a bike drive sign for the sides of the trailer, but then again it's so windy today it's probably a good idea I didn't add to the wind resistance).

So, trailer or not, please bring your used bikes to Domus today, or reach out to them to learn how you can help. Remember: every bike you bring to Domus means more space at your house...for another bike. 

Speaking of another bike: Pacific Swim Bike Run in Stamford is having a big end-of-season sale this weekend. I think all I need is handlebar tape, but then again the sight of empty bike hooks in my workshop is rather unsettling. Maybe I'll bring the trailer along. 

Just in case.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out; we need bikes all year long to ensure our youth have plenty to work on and put in the hands of low-income kids, teens, and adults to help them get around town. Your gift is tax-deductible, too! You can read more about the program at