Saturday, November 23, 2013

TODAY: Food Bank Biking

So like I wrote earlier this week: Bike Stamford is meeting today (in about an hour) at Fairway to bring food donations to Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County

I can't go. I'm in Cleveland. 

But even with something called 'lake effect' snow in the forecast, I knew that wouldn't stop me from bringing food to a charity here. Cleveland has done a lot for me and I wanted to do something for it. 

The thing is, no matter where you call home, what you choose to ride or how you choose to ride, you are going to find people who are less fortunate than you. You can take a few minutes today to take a ride to a food bank. 

I'll get to the other reasons I am in town later, but I had every intention of finding a food bank in Cleveland I could take a donation to. Thankfully, while eating breakfast at the hotel this morning, I saw a story on Fox 8 Cleveland about St. Augustine Church. I hastily jotted down the address and went off. So hastily did I set off that I got lost soon after entering Ohio City. At one point, around 8:30 this morning, I spotted a group of about twenty shivering people waiting for a place to open that was going to be giving out free produce at 10:00.

People standing in the cold waiting for food. It kinda makes all Black Friday stakeout stories seem stupid, doesn't it?

But I made it to St. Augustine and dropped off my donation. I am hoping St. Augustine (which is located at 2486 W. 14th St. in Cleveland) and other charities has a lot more people who show up today, preferably by bike, to make a donation. In fact, I hope this can be replicated all across the country, not just here and in Stamford. Thanks for reading and thanks for riding.


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