Saturday, June 4, 2016

Thoughts on G.O.A.T

Muhammad Ali died yesterday at age 74.

When he was 12 years old, he had a bicycle stolen from him. The anger he felt after and the chain of events that followed led to him becoming the Greatest of All Time.

No matter how one feels about boxing he taught us all how to channel and transform loss into something greater than ourselves. I've known a few people who have felt a lot of loss lately (stolen bikes among other things) and know they can follow Ali's example and use the emotion that follows toward constructive and inspiring ends.

I haven't a clue what the other side looks like but I want to believe he got his stolen bike back and is taking a nice ride with Prince, Garry Shandling, my Uncle Wayne and Bowie. And they'll have my grandmother's coffee cake at the start. And Chester The Guinea Pig will be hanging out there, too (If you know my sister and my niece, you'll know Chester).

Thanks for reading and thanks for riding.

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