Thursday, June 23, 2016

XtraCycle is Hiring (Not Me, But They're Hiring)

    Bike at San Jose's 2015 Cargo Bike Festival converted to a Cargo Bike via XtraCycle Kit

If you’re a cargo bike nerd* like myself, you got an email this morning from Xtracycle - the cargo bike company based in Oakland (who inspired the very design of the first cargo bike I made myself as well as the second one I made when I moved to Silicon Valley - which is proudly pictured below). 

I would have used my car to pick up my new energy efficient shop light from Lowe's but that would have looked strange.

Anyway - the email said they are still searching an Online Marketing and Sales Manager. 

I applied to that job myself a week ago…and the subject of the email I got this morning was…We’re still hiring! (exclamation point theirs). 

You cut me deep, Xtracycle. You cut me deep.

But anyway: I’ve been rejected from enough jobs over my lifetime to know not to take it personally and I really want them to have the right person doing this job even if it isn’t me. 

A perk of getting the job is a free Leap Basic Kit which allows you to convert your own ordinary bike into a cargo-carrying force to be reckoned with. But the nice part is: if you refer someone to the Xtracycle job and they get it, you get a leap kit too. 

So if you live in the Bay Area and want to give Xtracycle your application, mention DIYBIKING.COM as where you heard about the job. I want that Leap Kit. Not for myself, though: If I get it I will donate it to Good Karma Bikes here in San Jose so they can sell it in their retail shop and use the proceeds to fund their programs to help the homeless and at-risk youth earn bicycles. 

Xtracycle takes applications until June 30th, so apply and mention DIYBIKING.COM today. Thanks for reading and thanks for riding.

* easier to spell than ‘aficionado’  

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  1. Loving the West Coast cargo bike design - I like the headset to seatpost idea. (And enjoying the blog!)

    Mesquite Hugger