Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Please Vote Today

This is a special message from DIYBIKING.COM reminding everyone of proper voting age living in the U.S. to head to the polls today and vote.

I wasn't planning to write this post; this blog as well as cycling is non-partisan. But I do have to tell you to please consider what extent you candidates care about and value cyclists and cycling - but that's not the only issue you should care about. Do check out some voting guides, talk with you friends, family and others, and decide.

Also, I will give a free pair of Sock Guy socks to the first person of any political party who sticks their arm out of the closed voting booth curtain and shouts: "Honey! Can you give me the new shampoo?" But to provide proof, you will have to get your friend to tape it discreetly (they don't like cameras in the polling places).

Finally, if you have a bike that people tend to stare at anyway, feel free to adorn it with signs of the candidate of your choosing - even if it is for people who are not represented by the picture above. As always, before Election Day and after, I just want to see more people on bikes. Thanks for reading and thanks for riding.

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