Monday, August 5, 2013

DIYBIKING.COM Presents: Folding Bike Week 2013!

Welcome to the third edition of DIYBIKING.COM's Folding Bike Week! As regular readers know Folding Bike Week always coincides with Shark Week on the Discovery Channel since sharks and folding bikes have a lot in common: they have been around a long time, there are many different species all over the world, and they could bite you if you don't respect them. 

Folding bikes are also the key to the future. Now I say this because a lot of people need to use their cars to drive to the railway station or other transportation center and then go somewhere…but mass transit doesn't really fulfill its purpose if people have to get in their cars by the thousands in order to make it work. Folding bikes bought by the right people (or given to the right people as gifts) are a big part of the answer: Take you bike to the transportation center and bring it with you on the bus or the train. And of course you can take it with you when you are on holiday.

This week I'll be filling you in on a special folding-bike related trip I have taken as well as some pieces of Folding Bike News to share. Plus a real-time repair/restore of a new addition to my folding bike fleet.

The hashtag, is #foldingbikeweek2013 so if you want to tweet pictures of your favorite form of hinged transport to raise awareness of this vital but under-appreciated mode of transport, please do. And don't forget: if you don't own a folding bike and would like one be sure to visit your local bike shop and ask for folding bikes by name. 

Choose to be touched by Folding Bike Week. 

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