Thursday, September 15, 2016

Use San Jose Trails? Take the Survey

I spent a couple of hours yesterday at the Los Gatos Creek Trail. Counting people.

It was a lot more fun than it sounds. I got to meet interesting people and marvel at the huge number who use the trail: joggers, bikers, walkers, babies in strollers* one guy on a skateboard (he was in the ‘other’ category). 

The only thing that threw me off is the city told me I needed to bring my own clipboard. As it happened, the only clipboard I own was the one I had converted into a bike box for the 2013 Five Boro Bike Tour, so it still had my site name on the sides and reflective stickers on the back. 

You’ll also notice that the trail survey cards they gave me fit perfectly in a little notch on the frame of my homemade cargo bike, which was both my transport and my place to sit while I counted people. I also used one of my bungees to jazz up the sign at the trail count station. 

If you didn’t pass me and take one of the cards yesterday, you can still fill out this important survey today -  the link is right here:

Please, San Jose trail aficionados, fill it out and tell your friends to do the same. And if your city asks you to volunteer, stand up and be counted.

Thanks for reading and thanks for riding. 

*they weren't moving independently - someone was pushing the stroller at the time. 

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