Saturday, May 7, 2011

Workstand and Deliver III: Modification on a Shoestring

I've been incredibly happy with my Park Tool PCS-12 mounted onto a Craftsman cabinet, and I've found it was a smart move keeping the legs from the PCS-9 (though I keep my fingers and toes as far from it as possible when folding and unfolding it).

Now facing a weekend where I have to move everything around again, I've found that the portable tool stand I made has been working great, but I wanted to changed something.

So we have the PCS-12 mounted on the Extremities Crusher and the Nashbar P-Handle wrench set. I also have the camera tripod I use for my portable tool stand.

I had an idea of using the bag from the Ryobi 18V ONE+ tool combo to put everything in. The tripod pokes out a little but the bag is light and durable enough for a portable bike shop.

As it happens with new tools, my relationship with them changed and I tweaked where I store them. I ended up creating a mount on my custom bike workstand for the P-Handle wrench set because I found I was using them a lot. Since I use them in the metal holder in the portable stand, I wanted to transport them without having to take them out of holder.

The first idea was to carve up that big hunk of styrofoam in the photo so the tools would just drop in there. Only after I started carving it up and leaving little bits of foam all over the shop floor did I realize this was not an ideal solution.

So I consulted the 304 and came up with this: a piece of bungee shoelace. It takes just a few seconds to thread it through the holes of the wrenches and gently tie it together at the bottom.

The other tools can go in a random small bag so they don't get lost. The coffee cup can be filled once I'm done with this post.

Packed away, things stay together, and I've come to like the portability factor a lot. I like my shop but it's always good to get a change in scenery from time to time.

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