Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Update on the Stamford Share the Road survey…and Lorca

As most of my Stamford readers know by now, I designed a survey called 'Stamford Share the Road' for the bike and walk advocacy group, People Friendly Stamford.

Now the goal was to get cyclists to rate and comment on different projects that have been proposed over the years for the city, but I tried to take it a step further by asking a few questions about cycling habits and age range, as well as asking people to rate certain statements about city life.

As you know, some great stuff came from the 'any other comments' field - in which the most common complaint was the lack of bike parking in Stamford. I wrote about that last week and presented some examples of great bike parking in the U.S.; but you know who really knows how to do bike parking? Ottawa.

Just let the image above sink in…then think about what you want to lock your bike to in Stamford. 

Anyway, since the Stamford Share the Road survey has closed you can visit www.peoplestamford.org to check out the findings. And if you want to talk bikes or just meet some cool people interested in such things there is an event coming up this Thursday called Spokes N Folks, which is at 7:00pm at the great Bedford Street destination, Lorca.  

I hope I see you at Spokes N Folks and you visit www.peoplestamford.org to check out the results of Stamford Share the Road. And if you're a bike shop or cycling organization/advocacy group and you want to do a survey, I'm holding my hand up to the side of my face with a pinky in front of my mouth and a thumb by my ear. Thanks for reading and thanks for riding. 

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