Wednesday, September 9, 2020

#MyNonprofits - Donate to the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition and take part in BTWD


If you're healthy, employed, and traveled less than you wanted this summer, please make a donation to a nonprofit organization(s) that matters to you and share the donation link on social media with the hashtag #MyNonprofits - encouraging others to do the same. I hope you take part - thank you.

Today I am leading with the photo above - taken on a ride to Morgan Hill in April - to remind myself what a real sky looks like. For those of you in the Bay Area and living through a historic wildfire season, you've surely noticed today that the sky looks like a cross between what Viggo Mortensen was pushing his shopping trolley under in 'The Road' and a hotel carpet with a light urine stain. It's been dusk since breakfast and every single photo on Twitter looks like this:

That's the sky* if you're in the South Bay - in San Francisco the sky is Mars red (and if you look closely in one of the apartment windows you can see Matt Damon planting potatoes).

Anyway: instead of tweeting pictures of the post-apocalyptic wonder that is the greater Bay Area make a donation to a nonprofit and tell the world about it on Twitter (Like Jennifer Golson in New Jersey just did).

Here's another one of mine I just donated to: Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition. Advocacy, education and outreach - and like I said: if there is intersection in the Bay Area that is suddenly safer for bicycles than it was before, the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition almost certainly had something to do with it. 

When the plague hit, they worked quickly and had postponed Bike to Work Day to September 24th and created a social media campaign called #JoyRideSV. Now, with COVID of course not letting up, Bike to Work Day is Bike to Wherever Days which has random prize drawings and competitions all through September. Sign up for Bike to Wherever Days here and... 

Donate to the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition here

Bike to Work Day in San Jose in non-social distancing times

A lot of people started biking when COVID started and we gotta make a world where they'll feel comfortable doing it after, so I hope you support the SVBC - and that you share your favorite nonprofits on social with the hashtag #MyNonprofits. I'll be in the saddle tomorrow and hope we'll be riding under a prettier sky. Thanks for reading and thanks for riding. 

*sorry - that wasn't the sky; just a piece of paper placed over the power indicator button on an IBM ThinkPad. But I had you there, didn't I?


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