Saturday, September 5, 2020

#MyNonprofits: Habitat for Humanity East Bay Silicon Valley (and the 2020 Cycle of Hope ride)


It's early on Saturday morning. I'm watching the Tour de France - not because I care about any of the teams but because I haven't been to another country in ten months and am soaking up the scenery (also to see if I can get a glimpse of the chef Hannah Grant).

I'm also thinking about one of #MyNonprofits, Habitat for Humanity East Bay Silicon Valley and their upcoming event to help raise money for affordable housing, Cycle of Hope

Now some of you remember I did the Cycle of Hope ride last year even though, at the time, I was in no mood to do it and said so when I wrote about it. I was having a difficult autumn to begin with and don't ride in groups often...but now there's a long list of things I'd love to do and riding in a group is one of them. 

I've written on several occasions on the links between bikes and affordable housing - so much so I'm not going to interrupt the flow of my writing to embed the hyperlinks. But last year's Cycle of Hope ride was a lot of fun - and maybe net year it will look more like a group ride we all know and love - and this year's ride you can choose your course. So please register for the Cycle of Hope ride - just like I did.

If biking isn't your thing I'm not sure how you found this post, but either way I hope you donate to Habitat for Humanity East Bay Silicon Valley Here.

That's all for today - hope you think about some of the nonprofits that have touched your life in some way and tell the world about them the week starting Monday, September 7th and use the hashtag #MyNonprofits. Let's mark the end of the summer with the start of a better world. Thanks for reading and thanks for riding. 

Pausing during the 2019 Cycle of Hope ride. Register for the 2020 Cycle of Hope ride here