Thursday, September 10, 2020

#MyNonprofits - Second Harvest Food Bank of Silicon Valley


Armadillo Willy's in San Jose, a few months into the pandemic (they lost the 'Clerks' reference a while ago)

If you're healthy, employed, and traveled less than you wanted this summer, please make a donation to a nonprofit organization(s) that matters to you and share the do
nation link on social media with the hashtag #MyNonprofits - encouraging others to do the same. I hope you take part - thank you.

Tonight's edition of #MyNonprofits starts with me giving a h/t to my sister in New York: she mailed me a care package randomly.

I was not expecting this. It is a bubble machine for a bike. You attach it to your seatpost, put in the provided bubble fluid, turn it on, and it emits bubbles while you ride. It's meant for those aged three and up - so I just get in under the wire. 

I admit, I hadn't thought about bubbles in a long time. But a glance out the window at the still post-apocalyptic landscape made me thing I should bubble up the skies. 

I have room in my head - and in my schedule once I finished work - to think about bubbles because I didn't have to think about food. Well, I do think about food constantly but it's more about when and what I am going to eat.

I don't have to think about the how. But a lot of people in the Bay Area do, so tonight's edition of #MyNonprofits brings me to Second Harvest Food Bank of Silicon Valley. I just learned from their newsletter it is Hunger Action Month. The same document reminded me that we are six months into shelter in place, which means six months into a world where a lot of people are out of work and have scaled-back hours. 

Remember you're not just helping an organization, you're helping the people who cut our hair, clean our houses, wait on our tables, and deliver our food, and do a thousand other things that make our neighborhoods work. Donate to Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara County here. 

Also please remember the #MyNonprofits thing doesn't just apply to the Bay Area - COVID has made a lot of people food inscure across the country. In New York one there is City Harvest - which I know about because Seth Meyers talks about it at the end of each A Closer Look on YouTube. Donate to City Harvest here, and if enough of us do we'll eventually get to a place where everyone can think more about bubbles than about how to get food. Thanks for reading and thanks for riding.


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